About us

Kennel Adeltand is run by mother (Lis) and daughter (Catharina), besides Lis' husband Jørgen and Catherine's girlfriend Charlotte. Lis and Catharina is the main forces and therefore also those who will be most mentioned.

Adeltand was started by Lis many many years ago. It had only one breed; short-haired standard dachshund and had great success with it. Catharina was practically raised in a kennel / exhibition ring and was an avid trades and support for Lis and her dogs.

As Lis got older, the standard was replaced with dwarf which is a more handy little dog that requires less effort and energy. The kennel still a standard who is now retired.

13 years ago Catharina and Charlotte got their first pug, on large and persistent wish of Charlotte. What started with one black slut gradually became more.

Catharina had a great desire towards the kennel name so we agreed that a large and recognized kennel name as Adeltand should be continued - now with pug and smoth-haired miniature dachshunds as our two beautiful races.

If you are interested in a puppy from our breeding, it is important to contact us either by telephone or email so we can have a chat about mutual expectations about getting a new family member.

Visitors are always welcome by appointment.

With paw strokes and whiskers
long and flat noses + their people.

  • WSPA
  • Dyrenes Beskyttelse
  • Dyrenes SOS
DKK (Danish Kennel Club)
KSS (The Club for small pet dogs)