Many years ago Catharina and Charlotte got their first pug, on a big and persistent wish of Charlotte.
It started with one black pug and soon, because of the pugs great personality, we got more.
Catharina had a great desire for a kennel name so we agreed that a recognized kennel name as Adeltand should be continued and now with pugs and smotht-haired miniature dachshunds as our two beautiful breeds.

We make sure to keep them in good condition through long walks in the forest and at the beach.
We spend many hours at a show ring, and a lot of cosiness in the couch.
We keep everything as natural as possible to create the best balance for our pugs.

We go to shows with our pugs so they can be judged by different judges. Not only for the looks but also to socialize the pug gang. Also to get a professional opinion about our breeding dogs, their health and temper.
If you are interested in a puppy from our breeding, it is important to contact us either by telephone or email so we can have a chat about mutual expectations about getting a new family member.

Visitors are always welcome by appointment.

With paw strokes and whiskers
Catharina and Charlotte


  • WSPA
  • Dyrenes Beskyttelse
  • Dyrenes SOS
DKK (Danish Kennel Club)
KSS (The Club for small pet dogs)