Our own dogs

We live in a small cozy village in Nyborg, close to the beach and forrest.

We have organized our lives and home after our pugs. The garden is fenced, so they have 1,000 sqm to romp on. They live with us inside the house, so no cages, but dog baskets, couch and our laps - the most wanted pug place.

Our dogs are out walking 1 to 1½ hours each day so they get many experiences.
We like to go to exhibitions where the dogs meet other dogs and we have a good talk about dogs with kind and dedicated dog people.

Adeltand offers:

• Tip top pretty and typically breed puppies
• Loving cattery under hygienic conditions
• Top socialized to people from life's start
• Minted to people and other dogs
• Eats only the best food from the very beginning
• Kept healthy for vermin and worms
• Supplied vet checked, chipped and vaccinated
• With DKK pedigree
• At DKK's provisions

Our dogs

  • WSPA
  • Dyrenes Beskyttelse
  • Dyrenes SOS
DKK (Danish Kennel Club)
KSS (The Club for small pet dogs)