My own dogs

Life with our Short-haired Dwarf-Dachshund.
I live in Nyborg on Funen with my husband George.
Through 50 years, the dogs have been a big part of our lives since I have been an avid exhibitor and traveled with the dogs. My husband and I have also used dogs for hunting.
My dogs live where we are, also in furniture and beds.
I take daily walks with my dogs.
I live and breathe for my dogs. They give me great pleasure daily and since my retirement I have plenty of time to spend with my long nosed friends.

Adeltand offers:
• Tip top pretty and typical of the breed puppies
• Loving cattery under hygienic conditions
• Top socialized to people from life's start
• Minted to people and other dogs
• Only eats the best food during childhood
• Kept healthy for vermin and worms
• Supplied vet checked, chipped and vaccinated
• With DKK pedigree
• At DKK's rules
• 2 year warranty according to the danish law "Sale of Goods Act".

  • WSPA
  • Dyrenes Beskyttelse
  • Dyrenes SOS
DKK (Danish Kennel Club)
KSS (The Club for small pet dogs)